Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Saints and Blessed

St. Cadfan
St. Cadfarch
St. Cadoc
St. Cadog
St. Cadroe
St. Cadwallader
St. Caecilia with Saturninus
St. Caecilius
St. Caedmon
St. Caellainn
St. Caerealis
St. Caerealis & Sallustia
St. Caesarea
St. Caesaria
St. Caesarius
St. Caesarius
St. Caesarius
St. Caesarius & Companions
St. Caesarius & Julian
St. Caesarius of Arles
St. Caesarius of Nazianzus
St. Caesarn
St. Caesidius
St. Cagnoald
St. Caian
St. Caidoc & Fricor
St. Caillin
St. Caimin
St. Cairlon
St. Cajetan
St. Cajetan
St. Cajus
St. Calendion
St. Calepodius
St. Caletricus
St. Calimerius
St. Calimerlus
St. Calixtus
St. Callinica & Basilissa
St. Callinicus
St. Callinicus (Gallinicus)
St. Calliope
St. Calliopus
St. Callistratus
St. Callistus
St. Callistus I
Callistus II
Callistus III
St. Callistus & Charisius
St. Callistus, Felix & Boniface
St. Calminius
St. Calocerus
St. Calocerus
St. Calocerus & Parthenius
St. Calodote
St. Calogerus
St. Calupan
St. Camelian
St. Camilla
Bl. Camillus Constanzi
St. Camillus de Lellis
St. Candida
St. Candida
St. Candida
St. Candida
St. Candida the Elder
St. Candida the Younger
St. Candidus
St. Candidus
St. Candres
St. Canice
St. Canice (Kenneth)
St. Cannatus
St. Cannera
St. Canog
St. Cantidian (Cantidus)
St. Cantidianus
St. Cantidius
St. Cantius, Cantianus, Cantianilla, & Protus
St. Canute IV
St. Canute Lavard
St. Capitolina
St. Caprasius
St. Caprasius
St. Caradoc
St. Carantac
St. Carantoc
St. Caranus
St. Caraunus
St. Carilefus
St. Catherine of Alexandria, Great martyr
St. Carissima
Bl. Caritas Brader
Ven. Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Santiago
Carmelite Nuns of Compiegne
St. Carmen
St. Caron
St. Carpias
St. Carponius
St. Carpophorus
St. Carpophorus & Abundius
St. Carpus
St. Carpus
St. Carterius
St. Carterius
St. Carthach
St. Carthach the Younger
Bl. Carthusian Martyrs
St. Carus
St. Casilda
St. Casimir
St. Casimir of Poland
Bl. Caspar and Mary Vaz
St. Caspar del Bufalo
Bl. Caspar Fisogiro
Bl. Caspar Kotenda
Bl. Caspar Sadamazu
St. Cassian
St. Cassian of Autun
St. Cassian of Benevento
St. Cassian of Imola
St. Cassian of Todi
St. Cassianus
St. Cassius
St. Cassius
St. Cassius
St. Castor
St. Castor
St. Castor & Dorotheus
St. Castor & Stephen
St. Castorius
St. Castritian
St. Castulus
St. Castus & Emilius
St. Castus & Secundinus
St. Catald
St. Cataldus
St. Catellus
Bl. Caterina Cittadini
Bl. Caterina Volpicelli
Bl. Caterina Volpicelli
St. Cathan
Bl. Catherine of Pallanza
St. Catherine of Alexandria
St. Catherine of Bologna
St. Catherine de Ricci
St. Catherine Laboure
St. Catherine of Sweden
St. Catherine of Siena
St. Catulinus
St. Cawrdaf
St. Ceallach
St. Cearan
St. Cecilia
St. Cedd
St. Ceitho
St. Cele-Christ
St. Celerinus
St. Celestine
St. Celestine I
Celestine II
Celestine III
Celestine IV
St. Celine
St. Cellach
St. Cellach
St. Celsus
St. Celsus
St. Censurius
St. Centolla & Helen
St. Ceolfrid
St. Ceollach
St. Ceolwulf
St. Cera
St. Ceratius
St. Ceraunus
St. Cerbonius
St. Cerbonius
St. Cerneuf
Bl. Ceslaus
St. Cettin
St. Cewydd
St. Chad
St. Chaeromon
St. Chainaldus
St. Charalampias
St. Charbel
St. Charbel
St. Charitina
St. Charity
St. Charles Hyon Song-mun
St. Charles Borromeo
Venerable Charles de Faucauld
Venerable Charles de Foucauld
St. Charles Garnier
Bl. Charles the Good
St. Charles Joseph Eugene de Mazenod
St. Charles Lwanga and Companions
St. Charles of Sezze
Sts. Chastan & Imbert
Sts. Chastan & Imbert
St. Chelidonia
St. Cherimon
St. Chillien
St. Chirstian
Bl. Christian
St. Christian
St. Christina
Bl. Christina Visconti
St. Christopher
Bl. Christopher Bales
St. Chromatius
St. Chromatius
St. Chrysanthus
St. Chrysanthus Eunuchus
St. Chrysogonus
St. Chrysolius
St. Chuniald & Gislar
St. Cian
St. Cianan
St. Cilinia
St. Cillene
St. Cindeus
St. Cinnia
St. Cissa
St. Cittinus
St. Clare
St. Clare of Montefalco
Bl. Clare of Rimini
St. Clarus
St. Clarus
St. Clateus
St. Claud
St. Claudia
St. Claudianus
St. Claudianus
St. Claudine Thevenet
Pope St. Clement I
Clement II
Clement III
Clement IV
Clement V
Clement VI
St. Clement of Alexandria
St. Clementinus
St. Clement Maria Hofbauer
St. Clement of Alexandria
St. Clement of Okhrida
St. Clement of Rome
St. Cleonicus
St. Cleopatra
St. Cleopatra
St. Cleophas
St. Clerus
St. Clether
St. Cletus
St. Clicerius
St. Clinius
St. Clodoald
St. Clodulf
St. Clotilde
St. Clotsindis
St. Cloud
St. Cocca
St. Cocha
St. Codratus
St. Codratus of Corinth
St. Cogitosus
St. Cointha
St. Colette
St. Colga (Coelchu)
St. Colgan
St. Coliondola
St. Colluthus
St. Colluthus
St. Colman of Cloyne
St. Colman McRhoi
St. Colman of Armagh
St. Colman of Dromore
St. Colman of Elo
St. Colman of Glendalough
St. Colman of Kilmacduagh
St. Colman of Kilroot
St. Colman of Lindisfarne
St. Colman of Lismore
St. Colman of Stockerau
St. Columba
St. Columba Kim Hyo-im
St. Columba
St. Columba
St. Columba
St. Columban
St. Columbanus
St. Columba of Sens
St. Columbinus
St. Comgall
St. Comgall
St. Comgan
St. Cominus
St. Cominus
St. Comodus
St. Conall
St. Conan
St. Concessa
St. Concordius
St. Condedus
St. Conleth
St. Conleth
St. Connat
St. Conogon
St. Conon
St. Conon
St. Conon
St. Conon
Bl. Conor O’Devany
St. Conrad
Bl. Conrad of Seldenburen
St. Conrad of Parzham
St. Conrad of Trier
St. Conran
St. Consortia
St. Constabilis
St. Constantian
St. Constantianus
St. Constantianus
St. Constantine
St. Constantine
St. Constantine the Great
Bl. Constantius
St. Constantius
St. Constantius
St. Constantius
St. Contardo
St. Contentius
St. Conus
St. Convoyon
St. Conwall
St. Copres
St. Copres
St. Corbican
St. Corbinian
St. Corbmac
St. Cordian
St. Corebus
St. Corentin
St. Corentius
St. Cormac
St. Cornelius
St. Cornelius
St. Cornelius
St. Cornelius
St. Cornelius
St. Cosmas
St. Cosmas
St. Cosmas
St. Cosmas
Sts. Cosmas & Damian
Sts. Cosmos & Damian
St. Cottidus, Eugene, & Companions
St. Craton
St. Cratusian
St. Credan
St. Crescens
St. Crescens
St. Crescentia
St. Crescentian
St. Crescentian
St. Crescentian
St. Crescentian
St. Crescentiana
St. Crescentius
St. Crescentius
St. Crewanna
St. Crispin
St. Crispin
St. Crispina
Sts. Crispin & Crispinian
St. Crispin of Viterbo
St. Crispulus & Restitutus
St. Crispus & Gaius
St. Cristatus
St. Cristiolus
St. Croidan
St. Croix
St. Cronan
St. Cronan of Roscrea
St. Cronan Beg
St. Cronan of Roscrea
St. Cronan the Wise
St. Cronides
St. Cronion
St. Cronius
St. Crummine
St. Cuan
St. Cuaran
St. Cucuphas
St. Culen
St. Cumgar
St. Cumine
St. Cummian
St. Cummian Fada
St. Cunegundes
St. Cunera
St. Cuniald & Geslar
St. Curcodomus
St. Curig
St. Curomotus
St. Currentus
St. Cuthbert
St. Cuthbert
St. Cuthbert Mayne
St. Cuthburga
St. Cuthman
St. Cybi
St. Cybi (Cuby)
St. Cynfran
St. Cynibild
St. Cynllo
St. Cynthinus
St. Cynwl
St. Cyprian
St. Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage
St. Cyprian
St. Cyprian
St. Cyrenia & Juliana
St. Cyriaca
St. Cyriaca & Companions
St. Cyriaca & Companions
St. Cyriacus
St. Cyriacus
St. Cyriacus
St. Cyriacus, Saturninus
St. Cyriacus
Sts. Cyril and Methodius
St. Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop, Dr.
St. Cyril of Jerusalem
St. Cyrilla
St. Cyril of Alexandria
St. Cyriltus
St. Cyrinus
St. Cyrinus
St. Cyrion
St. Cyrus
St. Cyrus
St. Cyrus and John
St. Cyrus of Carthage

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The present remains in Glendalough tell only a small part of its story. The monastery in its heyday would have included workshops, areas for amnuscript writing and copying, guest houses, an infirmary, farm buildings and dwellings for both the monks and a large lay population. The buildings which survive probably date from between the 10th and 12th centuries.